REMAP – Derby & Burton Group

REMAP is a national charity that custom makes aids to help disabled people live independent lives.

Local groups serve their own areas and the Derby and Burton group covers the East Midlands from south Chesterfield to Burton and Uttoxeter to Ilkeston. If you live within that area and you would like assistance then we can help.

We do not provide proprietary equipment that can be purchased from retail suppliers. We adapt or make equipment to suit an individual’s special requirements. We work closely with Occupational Therapists and other health professionals to ensure we provide acceptable solutions that are beneficial, safe and practical to use.

Our volunteers are retired professional engineers with a wide range of technical skills. The East Midlands has a range of engineering industries and we have a wide cross section from these industries.

REMAP does not charge for the equipment and solutions that we provide. We are, however, funded by donations and so we often exhibit at local events. We also accept individual donations and we are supported by local industry such as Toyota and Lubrizol.